Asim Khan barred from Glasgow South West Selection

The Scottish Labour Party's Executive has taken the decision to bar Asim Khan from running in the Glasgow South West selection, after it emerged that he had been branded "evasive" and "untruthful" during court proceedings surrounding the scandal riven 'Roshni' charity.

According to the Scottish news site, Commonspace, Labour took the decision back in late June that Khan was "not eligible" to contest the seat. 

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said: “Asim Khan has been removed from the shortlist of candidates for Glasgow South West by the Scottish Executive Committee following a hearing.”

Several local activists have welcomed the decision, telling the Red Robin they were "delighted at the decision".

"The question of Khan’s legitimacy to stand has been brought into conversation many times by constituency members, with many not trusting him to be the candidate to bring South West back to Labour."

"With the stories circulating about his former practices, I’m happy to know he won’t be my candidate." they said.

The newly established Scottish Labour Women's Movement also commended the ruling, commenting “This is the right decision and shows that the Scottish Labour Party and the SEC value women’s place in the party. "

“We should never be in a position where someone with such a terrible record on equality can put themselves forward to represent the party of Equality.”

Khan has pledged to contest the decision in court.

"This is a disappointing decision and I intend to take legal action. I have already spoken my legal team who are today, contacting Brian Roy - General Secretary with my stated intent."

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