GMB Scotland is going on an Easter Hunt for West Dunbartonshire Leader

GMB Scotland will be enlisting the help of the easter bunny (who sources report is a proud union member) to find missing-in-action West Dunbartonshire Council leader Jonathan McColl, after he voted for a £1 million cuts budget.

As the Robin reported last week, the cuts include massive reductions in union facility time, which the joint trade unions believe is a pre-emptive attack to weaken the unions ahead of even more punishing austerity. The move has proved so controversial that even Nicola Sturgeon has criticised it.

But the budget also includes axing twenty three mentor posts (people who help kids with challenging and emotional behaviour issues), grant reductions to voluntary groups, and thirty job cuts in green space maintenance. As far as the GMB are concerned, this is unacceptable. 

The GMB had planned to confront the councillor at his monthly surgery. But when he heard about plans to scrutinise the budget, McColl decided that facing constituents and workers wasn’t much to his liking and cancelled the meeting. But GMB had other ideas, and have planned an easter egg hunt specifically to raise awareness of the council’s austerity budget. It’s the latest in a long line of innovative campaign measures from the GMB - including the construction of over 2000 paper boats to encourage SNP conference last year not to ‘sell our members down the river.’

GMB Scotland Organiser Hazel Nolan said: “The council administration imposed a budget that attacks jobs and services, affecting some of the most vulnerable people in West Dunbartonshire, and attacks the basic principles of workplace democracy.

But the efforts of the trade unions in securing discussions with the council leader have been stonewalled and the Councillor has cancelled his scheduled surgery once again - it’s like a big boy did it and ran away!

It would seem that Councillor McColl doesn’t want to speak to the council’s employees, their trade union representatives or indeed his own constituents and that is totally unacceptable with livelihoods on the line.

So the Easter hunt is on and that’s why GMB Scotland is calling on the good people of West Dunbartonshire to help us find their council cuts leader in his own ward this Saturday afternoon.”

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