Gordon Brown weighs in over the future of BiFab

Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has weighed in on the BiFab contracts row, after writing a letter to the director of the Belgian firm which could decide the fate of the Scottish company.

Writing to the director of DEME group, who's subsidiary group will decide who wins the fabrication contract for the Moray Firth wind-farm contract, Mr Brown said: “You will be aware of the huge offshore wind potential which exists in the seas surrounding Scotland, and I am sure you will also have heard about the campaign that has been led by the Scottish workforce itself to secure work, manufacturing the infrastructure which the offshore renewables industry needs to exploit Scotland’s offshore wind asset."

“While Scotland is a world leader in renewable energy generation, with huge potential for the future, we all want to see us capture the benefits that could be realised from the exploitation of our onshore and offshore energy assets. But there is now also a concerted effort that includes the trade unions, GMB Scotland and Unite, to work together to expand the offshore renewables industry.”

Mr Brown has also asked the Scottish Government to “make clear its long term ambitions” for the offshore wind sector in order to protect jobs in Scotland.

Gary Smith, Regional Secretary of GMB, which represents workers at BiFab welcomed Brown's letter. “This is a timely and important intervention from former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in support of our campaign to bring work back to BiFab."

"We need the wind farm developers and their supply chain companies to understand that Scotland is serious about demanding a fair share of our own renewables work.”

All but 7 full-time workers at the yards were laid off this year, after BiFab was bought over by Canadian firm, DF Barnes following the collapse and Scottish government bailout of BiFab in 2017.

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