Government forced to pay PCS union £3m compensation

The Public and Commercial Services union has won a running court battle with the Conservative government, after ministers agreed to pay damages over the withdrawal of check-offs for collecting union subscriptions.


The union agreed to an out of court settlement of £3 million in damages, after the government stopped the system of direct deduction of union subs from government workers pay packets in 2015.

The Department of Work and Pensions had attempted to unlawfully unilateral cease the system, in which union members paid subs from their pay packet each month, dramatically cutting the union's income.

The PCS has now said it will continue to take other government departments to task for the same action.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This is an unprecedented, multi- million pound compensation payment by a government to a trade union. The removal of checkoff was politically motivated, aimed at undermining the union’s ability to defend its members’ jobs and to effectively oppose the Tory government’s devastating austerity programme."

“Instead of negotiating with the union properly, ministers thought it more expedient to unlawfully target us financially."

Jon Trickett MP added: “This ruling nails the lie that the Government is acting out of necessity when it repeatedly seeks to attack trade unions. It is plainly a political decision and part of a wider agenda to drive down pay and conditions at work."

“It is clear the Tories will stop at nothing, including breaching fundamental legal rights of dedicated people who work hard to serve the public."

“The union is absolutely right to campaign against austerity and cuts to public services, and was right to fight this unlawful attack on its finances.”

We have contacted the DWP for a response.

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