Health Crisis Lead to Renewed Calls for Health Minister to Resign

There have been further calls for Shona Robison’s resignation as figures reveal mass cancellations of medical treatment.

Over 3,100 operations have been cancelled this year, due to capacity or non-clinical reasons because hospitals could not cope, newly released figures reveal today.

Data published by ISD Scotland shows that 1,201 operations were cancelled in March. Added to the 1,248 cancelled in January and 711 in February, this takes the total figure to 3,160.

The Scottish Minister for Health has come under fire over a series of scandals in the Scottish NHS.

In recent days the cost of ‘delayed discharges’ to hospitals reached £380 million, as health bodies increasingly lack the resources to provide the necessary care for patients to recover at home, while  reports have shown that 52,000 people have waited longer in A&E than the NHS’ target of four hours.

The SNP has been accused of ‘gutting’ the health service, and the £1.5 billion worth of cuts to local authorities blamed for the lack of social care packages, which would allow for patients to be discharged from hospital without delays.

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health, Anas Sarwar said the figures piled pressure on under fire Health Secretary Shona Robison: “Behind each of these figures is a patients waiting in pain for treatment that hospitals have not been able to give.

“We have seen a staffing crisis develop in our health service, with huge unfilled gaps for consultants, nurses and midwives.

“This failure goes straight to the door of the Health Secretary. It is time for Shona Robison to step aside from the Health portfolio.”

It comes as reports in the Sunday Herald said that the SNP intends to sideline the Health Secretary during the next Cabinet reshuffle, alleged to be scheduled after the new SNP Deputy Leader is announced in June.

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