High Court judge overturns collective bargaining ban for Deliveroo drivers

A high court judge yesterday overturned a lower court rejection of a collective bargaining case brought forward by the Independent Workers of Great Britain, on behalf of Deliveroo couriers. This result comes on the back of a case earlier this week where the Supreme Court ruled that an Engineer employed by Pimlico Plumbers had the right to be treated like an employee.

It’s an additional nail in the coffin for the so-called ‘gig economy’, which has seen over a million people in the UK languishing under bogus self-employment. Last month, Uber finally relented and gave its drivers medical cover, compensation for work-related injuries, sick pay, parental leave and bereavement payments, after a long fought campaign by the GMB.

Responding to the decision by the High Court, Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee, the General Secretary of the IWGB, said:

“What’s happened today, is this case has become not just an employment rights issue, but rather a matter of fundamental human rights. Deliveroo should take a serious look at itself and ask itself whether it really wants to save a bit of money at the expense of the Human Rights of the individuals who make their business a success.”

The ruling was also welcomed by Labour, who have pledged to grant workers in the gig economy full employment rights, including collective bargaining. Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said:

“This is an important and positive step towards victory for workers and trade unions across the UK.

“Companies like Deliveroo and others have built their success on an exploitative business model, denying workers their rights and swerving their obligations under the law.

“The next Labour government will clamp down on bogus self-employment and strengthen employment rights for all workers.”

You can donate to the IWGB's fighting fund here.

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