Home Secretary sparks outrage over Corbyn Holocaust tweet

Newly promoted Home Secretary Sajid Javid appeared to falsely accuse Jeremy Corbyn of Holocaust Denial on Twitter this morning.

Responding to another Twitter user who had engaged in Holocaust denialism, Javid tweeted:

"How can you even question the Holocaust. Please think carefully about what you are saying. Don’t be misled by Corbyn."

Other users were quick to criticize Javid for his comments.

Neither Javid nor Jeremy Corbyn’s Office responded to the Red Robin’s request for comment.

Senior Tories have been forced to apologise about libelous tweets about Corbyn before, with former Conservative Vice Chair Ben Bradley having to apologize to Corbyn directly after accusing him of selling secrets to 'Communist spies' during the cold war.

Bradley later agreed to publish a statement which read: “On 19 February 2018 I made a seriously defamatory statement on my Twitter account[...]about Jeremy Corbyn, alleging he sold British secrets to communist spies. I have since deleted the defamatory tweet."

"I am very sorry for publishing this untrue and false statement and I have no hesitation in offering my unreserved and unconditional apology to Jeremy Corbyn for the distress I have caused him.”

Bradley also agreed to give a donation to his local food bank, a move Javid may well soon be emulating.

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