Iain Gray Backs Laird For Deputy

The Education Spokesperson and former Scottish Labour Leader Iain Gray MSP has backed Lesley Laird in her bid to continue as Scottish Labour deputy leader.

Gray, who is the MSP for East Lothian, and one of only two Scottish Labour MSPs to retain their constituency seat in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, is a widely respected figure in the party. His support for Laird will be seen as a boost to her candidacy.

In a statement, Gray said:

“As Scotland's people are so badly failed by both the SNP and the Tory government it is so important that Scottish Labour in Holyrood, Westminster and Local Government act with unity of purpose to bring about real change.”

“With her experience in local government and her position as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Lesley is well placed to support Richard in exactly that purpose, as she has during service as interim Deputy leader.”

Nominations for deputy leader will close on the 28th May.

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