Iain Gray: Suspend standardised testing and improve literacy

Labour's education spokesperson, Iain Gray has called for the suspension of standardised testing as part of a five point plan to 'reboot standards' in Scottish schools.

The tests, which Labour say have left children in tears, were first raised by Richard Leonard at First Minister’s Questions in June.

Despite promising to make education its top priority, the SNP have undertaken a series of controversial reforms, including the introduction of standardising assessments.

Labour say they should be replaced by a new Scottish Survey for Literacy and Numeracy, which was discontinued by the SNP back in April.

The part also wants to see Scotland remaining in the Programme for International Student Assessment, the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study and for the Scottish Government to participate in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study measurements.

Iain Gray, Labour’s education spokesperson, said: “Scotland’s schools should be the best in the world – but that means facing the rest of the world when measuring the performance of our schools.

“The SNP is attempting to remove an internationally recognised standard of educational attainment – this is an inward looking step and could have a detrimental effect on how we perform as a country." he said.

“The SNP should drop this decision and suspend their standardised assessments which have left pupils in tears."

“The education of our young people is clearly not the ‘top priority’ the First Minister claimed. Instead, her Government is focused on fabricating its own credibility."

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