Ian Blackford mocked for claiming he is but a "simple crofter"

The SNP MP has drawn scorn for claiming he is "just a simple crofter with 10 acres” despite working in the City of London for 20 years as an investment banker and consultant.

Prominent nationalist politician, Ian Blackford has claimed he is "just a simple crofter with 10 acres" in parliament, conveniently missing out his history as an investment banker and financial consultant.

A brief glance at Mr. Blackford's register of interest shows the MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber continues to earn £3,091 a month from his role as Chairman of Golden Charter Trust on top of his basic MPs salary of £77,379 pro rata.

Additionally, Blackford also claims £1,500 per day for any "additional work" he provides for the firm, and continues to rake in £1,000 a month from acting as Chairman of Commsworld Plc, a well remunerated role given he claims to work a mere "8 hours per quarter" in this capacity.

A Labour party source told The Red Robin: "It's outrageous that Blackford continues to rake in over £120,000 a year while maintaining he is a 'mere crofter'".

"How he expects anyone to believe he is a rugged farmer after spending decades working at the heart of British finance is beyond me."

When Blackford was asked previously whether he would give up these roles when he took over the position of leader of the SNP's Westminster group he stated: "I have been a hard-working MP and I will continue to be so. I do think there is a benefit from MPs having experience of life. The fact that I have had interests in business are something, which have helped shape my ability to make sure I can deliver as an MP.”

“I will always reflect on the challenges that are in front of me. These are not a distraction; these are matters that take up very little of my time."

The Red Robin has reached out to Mr. Blackford, but has not received a response at the time of publication. 

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