Inside Scottish Labour Selections: Glasgow South

Long-standing Labour politician, Johann Lamont has become the only candidate standing to be Labour's candidate in Glasgow South, after a series of other candidates have stepped aside.  

Scottish Labour's leader during the independence referendum, Lamont was reportedly pressured by Ed Milliband to her resignation after polls showed Scottish Labour hemorrhaging support. 

After being pushed aside, Lamont notoriously labelled Scottish Labour as a 'branch office', a term gleefully appropriated by SNP supporters and politicians. 

Although traditionally associated with the Soft-Left tradition in the party, Lamont backed Anas Sarwar's leadership bid in 2017, a decision which has not endeared her to more left-wing activists in Glasgow.

Formerly the seat of Tom Harris (of the Daily Telegraph and Vote Leave), Glasgow South is slightly unusual in that turnout stayed at a similar level to 2015, a concern to SNP strategists given their support in the seat dropped by more than eight thousand votes. 

The seat, operating as an All Women's Shortlist (AWS), is on Scottish Labour's target-list, with an relatively small SNP majority of 2,027 votes. 

The seat was contested by Eileen Dinning in 2017, however The Red Robin understands she is not seeking to re-run for the seat. 

It is currently unclear whether Lamont will stand down from her role in the Scottish Parliament at the next round of Scottish elections in 2020.  Lamont did not respond to the Robin's request for comment.

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