Israeli Police recommend charging Netanyahu over bribery allegations

The right-wing Israeli premier is accused of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust during his tenure as the telecoms minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli PM, may face charges over his relationships with the telecoms giant, Bezeq, after he was accused by Israeli investigators of having been involved in a “bribe-based relationship” with the firm's bosses.

Netanyahu allegedly gave the company preferential treatment when drawing up regulations covering telecommunications, in exchange for positive reporting from the firm's subsidiary news organisations.

The PM has denied any wrongdoing, and accused the media of organising a "witch-hunt" against him.

“The police recommendations regarding me and my wife don’t surprise anyone,” said Netanyahu, adding: “These recommendations were decided upon and leaked even before the investigation began.”

The Israeli police have already recommended charging Netanyahu over allegations of corruption, including accepting inappropriate gifts from oligarchs and providing legislative assitance to a newspaper in exchange for positive coverage of his re-election campaign.

Attorney General, Avichai Mendelblit, has said that he will reach a decision on whether to charge Netanyahu in all three cases together.

“The most serious bribery case yet leaves no room for doubt: a prime minister who is accused of the most serious offence for a public servant in the Israeli rulebook cannot keep serving one minute longer,” said Tamar Zandberg, head of the Left-wing Meretz party.

“The prime minister has no moral mandate to keep his seat and must resign today. Israel must go to elections.”

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