Jennie Formby writes to Labour MSPs over Dugdale funding

The Skwawkbox has reported (full letter below) that Jennie Formby has written to Labour MSPs over the situation with Kezia Dugdale's legal funding for her case against Wings Over Scotland. 

A senior Labour source told the Red Robin, "It is now very clear that this decision was made on basis of cost and treating appropriately and with respect the money the party gets from our members. It is entirely right that the Labour Party reviewed the initial agreement made by the outgoing GS Ian McNicol and that after each stage they assessed the potential cost of this decision, which we now know could be over half a million pounds

"This is especially so given that the Daily Record column was Kezia Dugdale’s column and not the Labour Party’s. It’s now totally appropriate that the Daily Record is paying her fees; frankly that’s what should have happened in the first place”.

A spokesperson for Kezia Dugdale MSP said: “Jennie Formby’s letter throws into question whether she believes in the party’s values of solidarity.

“As for her bizarre claim about the party having ‘no sign off’, Kezia Dugdale was the leader of the party at the time of writing. Is Jennie Formby really suggesting that Scottish Labour leaders need ‘sign off’ from UK officials? That should deeply trouble the current leadership.” 

Iain McNicol has been approached for comment. 



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