Jeremy Corbyn: Labour will fix Scotland’s NHS funding crisis

At an event in Livingston with local candidate Rhea Wolfson to celebrate the National Health Service’s 70th Birthday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will outline how a Labour government in Westminster would increase funding for the NHS in Scotland.

Labour’s 2017 General Election manifesto pledged an extra £3 billion in day to day spending per year, in addition to £20 billion from the National Investment fund, and another £20 billion through the establishment of a Scottish Investment Bank.

NHS funding is a particularly thorny issue in the Lothians, where the children’s ward in the local St. John’s Hospital was shut down a year ago, despite repeated promises from Almond Valley MSP Angela Constance.

The Leader of the Labour Party, is expected to say:

“The NHS is Labour’s proudest achievement. NHS values - everybody looking after everybody else - are Labour values.

“Labour will give the NHS the money it needs because we're not afraid make the rich pay their fair share. And we'll put people's health before the profits of the few by ending NHS privatisation.

“Our Government will invest in every region and nation. At the last election, we set out how we would provide an extra £3 billion per year by 2022 for the Scottish government to spend on schools, hospitals and homes.

“With a Labour Government in Westminster, and a Labour Government, led by Richard Leonard, in Holyrood, we can give everybody in Scotland the best possible chance in life.

“We've had enough of austerity, with its falling living standards, rising NHS waiting lists and growing insecurity. We need real change - a real change for the many not the few.”

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