Jeremy Corbyn rallies against school cuts

Speaking in Scotstoun ahead of a Scottish Labour campaign day, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard rallied against the shocking state of Scotland's education system, and the failure to close the attainment gap.

An Education Scotland report showed earlier this year that poorer pupils received around half of the qualifications of their more affluent peers. Obviously, the attainment gap is a result of poverty and inequality, but it is exacerbated by cuts to education.

Since 2011, the £1.5 billion in council cuts have started to bite, with a real terms fall of 10% in funding per primary school pupil, and a 44% rise in the number of classes with more than 30 children.

Teachers are also on the verge of strike action after having suffered a 20% real terms pay cut in the last decade. Scotland is one of the only OECD countries where teachers' pay has fallen, and it is therefore no surprise that there are now 3,500 fewer teachers working in Scotland then a decade ago.

Speaking in Scotstoun ahead of the campaign session, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“We won't close the gap between the richest and the poorest pupils with overworked and underpaid teachers.”

“Our schools need real change, with more teachers, more support and more resources.”

"They do not need more Tory austerity from Westminster and more SNP cuts.”

Leader of Scottish Labour Richard Leonard said:

“Under the SNP 3,500 teachers have been cut, class sizes are growing and in the last decade pay has fallen dramatically.

“It is little wonder we face a teacher recruitment crisis and that teachers are saying they've had enough and threatening industrial action.

"Labour supports the teachers’ campaign for better pay and action on workloads.”

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