Jeremy Corbyn sets out Labour’s “common sense” approach to Brexit.

In a speech to Scottish Labour Conference in Dundee today, the Labour leader set out Labour’s position on key Brexit issues, drawing comparisons between Labour’s ‘common sense’ approach, and the Tories’ “extreme and reckless plans for Brexit”.

Corbyn denied that that a customs union would inevitably lead to the United Kingdom being subjected to all EU rules and regulations, whilst having no say in the legislation of those laws, stating that Labour’s position was that such a scenario would not be “a tenable position for a democracy”.

The demand that Theresa May suspends arms sales to Saudi Arabia whilst it is leading the devastating bombing of Yemen was reiterated, with Jeremy Corbyn stating that “A humanitarian disaster is now taking place in Yemen as a direct result of the Saudi-led bombing and blockade”.

“Millions face starvation and hundreds of thousands of children have cholera while thousands of children have been killed.”

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has so far resisted calls to limit arms shipments to the Gulf kingdom, despite raising “deep concerns” with Saudi Arab’s conduct during the conflict in Yemen.

You can read his full speech here.

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