Jewish NEC Member Rhea Wolfson slams Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy’s criticisms of the Labour Party’s handling of antisemitism have been slammed by Jewish NEC member Rhea Wolfson who described him as having ‘no credibility’ on this issue.

The former Scottish Labour leader, who presided over the loss of 40 out of 41 seats in 2015, said that he was “disgusted” by antisemitism in the Labour Party in an interview with Politics Home.

Wolfson, whose original bid to get local party backing for her NEC candidacy was cut short after Murphy’s personal intervention, made it clear that antisemitism was a serious problem that needed to be tackled head on. But Murphy was the wrong person to do it.

In a series of three tweets, Wolfson said:

“Needless to say, I do not believe Murphy can speak with credibility on this issue. Call out Murphy, continue to challenge anti-semitism - one without the other is hypocrisy.

[Public Service Announcement]: you cannot use this tweet, or Murphy, to justify the position that all [antisemitism] is a plot or something created to undermine JC. But we must still be critical when people use [antisemitism] for their own gain

In this very specific example, Jim Murphy kicked me out a room to claim that I was Momentum and therefore anti-Semitic, despite my pledge to fight [antisemitism], my personal experience and the fact that you could almost see my synagogue from the meeting room.”

The move was widely condemned at the time, both on the grounds that it was ridiculous to accuse an experienced Jewish activist of antisemitism, and for breaking the left-right truce which allowed both slates to be nominated for the NEC.

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