Johann Lamont selected in Glasgow South

The Glasgow MSP and former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Westminster constituency of Glasgow South.

Lamont was the Scottish Labour leader between 2011 and 2014, stepping down after the Independence referendum.

Lamont was the only candidate in the selection. The candidate in 2017 was Eileen Dinning, though she did not stand for reselection.

The current SNP MP is Stewart McDonald, who is defending the relatively small majority of 2,027 votes, after 2017 saw a 10 per cent swing to Labour. As we pointed out when we surveyed this selection, turnout hardly dipped compared to 2015, unlike in other seats the SNP lost.

The previous Labour MP was Tom Harris, who ran the Vote Leave campaign in Scotland.

It is unclear whether Lamont will stand down from her role in the Scottish Parliament at the 2021 elections.

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