John Mason MSP tells disabled Celtic supporter: ‘support another club’

Celtic Quick News has reported that the gaffe-prone SNP MSP has landed himself in hot water once again with his outrageous suggestion that an infirm Celtic supporter should support another club if disabled access is inadequate.

Gordon, a season ticket holder who lives in Newcastle, travels up regularly to support his team, but was alarmed by the proposal to ban parking around Celtic Park on match days.

He is unable to walk for longer than ten minutes, and patiently explained how both the rail and bus provision in the area is “totally inadequate.”

Mason, who was CC’ed in, had other ideas. In response to Gordon, he said:

“Could you think of supporting a smaller more local club that would appreciate your adding to their crowd?”

Mason has a reputation for putting his foot in it. He didn’t know the difference between the deficit and the national debt, he has claimed that there is no need to improve school literacy standards, and put forward a parliamentary motion suggesting that creationism should be taught in schools. But this latest outburst has crossed the line from blunder to staggering offensiveness.

Questions will be asked about why an MSP believes this is an appropriate way to talk to a fan with disabilities. Mason has already been criticised for dismissing the views of football fans in relation to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act - but this is far worse. It shows that society still has some distance to go in stamping out bigotry against people with disabilities.

We contacted Mr Mason for comment but received no response.

Commenting on the reports, Labour MSP James Kelly said:

"This is an outrageous comment from John Mason.

"Rather than representing the interests of a disabled man who wants to bring his custom and spend his money in John Mason's constituency, he is just telling him to go support another football team.

"It's a ludicrous response from a politician who has been a constant source of embarrassment for the SNP.

"If John Mason's attitude is to tell people to stay away from the East End of Glasgow he'll soon find the voters in Shettleston will send him packing too."

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