John McDonnell Demands Tories Expel Racist Councillor

On the Andrew Marr Programme today, John McDonnell has demanded that the Tories expel a councillor who was previously suspended for sharing a racist joke, then reinstated to give the Tories a majority on Pendle Council.

The Tories had recently introduced a ‘respect pledge’, which includes suspending candidates who have made racist remarks, and demands that candidates "behave responsibly and show respect". At least 18 Tory candidates were suspended in advance of the election, for actions ranging from anti-semitism, to accusing Labour of spreading Hepatitis.

Rosemary Carroll was suspended for sharing a post which compared asian people to dogs. She was then reinstated following the council elections on Thursday, giving the Tories an overall majority on the Lancashire Council.

Business Secretary Greg Clark was caught off guard in Marr, and appeared to back her being suspended once again, but so far Brandon Lewis has not commented on the case, despite congratulating the Tories for taking control of Pendle on Thursday.

On Marr, McDonnell said:

“We can’t tolerate racism in any party. You mentioned Pendle, I’m going to Pendle today.

“To have the Conservative Party take control of the Council by reinstating a councillor who used the foulest racist joke is unacceptable.

“I want Theresa May to say now to Brandon Lewis, who congratulated those councillors, first of all to apologise and suspend that councillor again. It’s unacceptable.”

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