John McDonnell: Labour Promises Permanent Shift In Power

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will use keynote speech at Scottish Labour Conference tomorrow morning to spell out the Labour Party’s plan to redistribute power. He will say that:

“The dividing lines today are the dividing lines every day, everywhere, as our movement has always known. Not between brothers and sisters either side of a border, or across the channel, but between the haves and have nots - the 95% and the 5% - the many and the few.”

“Our goal is about shifting power from those who own the wealth in this country back to those who, through their hard work and endeavour, create the wealth in this country. That’s the real division in our society. Not between Scotland and England, but between working people and the money men.”

He will attack the privatisation of public services and the use of outsourcing in their delivery, and emphasise the importance of economy democracy to Labour’s plans for government:

“We know that the free market fundamentalism of recent years cannot deliver the change we need. It’s not just that privatised public services are more expensive and of lower quality. We simply will not be able to face the challenges of climate change and automation without collective action. It’s why we announced that we will take PFI contracts back in-house, to save money and gain control over key public infrastructure.”

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