John Swinney in 'fantasy land' over teachers pay

The SNP's education minister claimed the Scottish government was offering a "generous and fair" pay deal of to teachers, despite most teachers having faced a real terms pay cut of 25 percent.

Writing in today's Sunday National, Swinney said “I firmly believe this is a generous and fair offer which demonstrates the value both the Scottish Government and local government place on the teaching profession.”

However the offer has been roundly condemned by teachers' union, the EIS, who led a massive demonstration over the weekend of more than 30,000 people in Glasgow against the offer.

Commenting on the article, Scottish Labour’s education spokesperson, Iain Gray MSP, said: "Scotland's teachers have endured a 20 per cent real terms pay cut over the last decade under the SNP. John Swinney is living in a fantasy land if he believes a pay offer that barely reaches inflation is either fair or generous."

"It's time for Mr Swinney to take his fingers out his ears and listen to our hardworking teachers."

It's not the first time the Deputy First Minister has found himself in hot water over the issue, after being roundly condemned by the EIS for planning to appeal directly to teachers to accept the deal, after failing to secure acceptance during negotiations between trade union negotiators, COSLA and the Scottish government.

The Educational Institute of Scotland's general secretary Larry Flanagan blasted the plan, arguing that: “Teachers will see this as a gross interference in the democratic processes of the trade unions.”

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