Justice Secretary questioned after Trade Unionist harassed by Network Rail

GMB Scotland's General Secretary Gary Smith has written to Justice Secretary Michael Matheson after one of the GMB's officials, Hazel Nolan, was told that she could not travel by train due to her anti-Trump placard.

In the letter, Mr. Smith said that he was “disappointed and somewhat shocked to learn that one of GMB Scotland’s Organisers who attended the demonstration was harassed by station staff at Glasgow Central when attempting to get home after the event because she was carrying a GMB Scotland placard from the demonstration.”

“The placard read “Stand Against Trump” and was being carried by Hazel Nolan, accompanied by one other person, carrying no placard. Ms Nolan entered Glasgow Central for the purpose only of boarding a train, as I have said.”

“I have seen correspondence from Network Rail indicating that they believed that they needed to take action in order to prevent other members of the travelling public being “offended” by the GMB Scotland banner which Hazel Nolan was carrying. I understand Network Rail also sought to waste the time of the British Transport Police with this ludicrously highhanded and pofaced interpretation of their role in managing safety within Glasgow Central station.”

“I believe that GMB Scotland, and Hazel Nolan in particular, are owed an apology by Network Rail and I trust that you will also want to help achieve this too. To be perfectly honest, the alternative is a Trumpian state of affairs in Scotland where the authorities consider it within their gift to determine the political opinions which are acceptable in our public spaces.” he said.

The Red Robin have approached Network Rail for a comment, but we received no response.

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