Keith Brown ‘peddling falsehoods’ over Leonard’s Remain support

SNP MP, Keith Brown, has found himself in hot water after falsely claiming that Richard Leonard backed the Leave campaign in 2016.

In remarks at SNP Conference, the party’s deputy leader Keith claimed that the Labour leader “supported” the Vote Leave campaign. 



"So if Richard Leonard believes that the Leave campaign, which he supported, was also a tissue of lies...” Brown told SNP activists.

This is despite it being a matter of public record that Richard Leonard backed a remain vote in 2016, and voted in favour of continued membership at a debate in Holyrood prior to the referendum. 

Commenting on the remarks, Labour’s Neil Findlay said Brown must apologise for telling a “blatant falsehood” about Leonard’s position.

"This is a desperate lie from Keith Brown delivered from his party's conference podium - the SNP has run out of ideas about Scotland's future and is now resorting to clear lies.” said Findlay.

"The SNP's deputy leader must now retract his lie and apologise. He should explain why he thought he could get away with such a blatant falsehood.”

Keith Brown and the SNP have not replied to requests for a comment. 

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