Labour call for complete fox hunting ban in Scotland

A public consultation on the laws around fox hunting has revealed overwhelming support for banning for Lord Bonomy’s proposed reforms, but Labour are calling on the Scottish Government to ban the practice completely.

According to the Ferret, 98 per cent of respondents backed Bonomy’s suggestions, but proponents of a full ban say that the reforms would only tighten existing laws, which are widely deemed to be inadequate. In particular, respondents worried that hunters could continue to pretend that their dogs were ‘out of control’.

In the Scottish population at large, 84 per cent back banning the barbaric practice completely. But worries about slipping rural support have already seen the SNP back chopping off puppies’ tails after last year’s General Election, indicating the party’s wariness to move against rural practices.

Scottish Labour MSP Colin Smyth said:

“The results of this consultation reveal the strong level of support for strengthening laws against fox hunting but also clear calls for a full ban.

“The current legislation aimed to end the abhorrent practise of hunting with dogs but loopholes have been exploited by hunts who ignore the law both in letter and spirit.

“The recommendations in the Scottish government review carried out by Lord Bonomy simply do not go far enough. That’s why Scottish Labour is calling on the government to go beyond Bonomy and bring forward proposals for a full ban.

“It’s time for the SNP Government and SNP MSPs to make a choice. They can line up beside Tory MSPs and simply tinker with the current bill and support Lord Bonomy’s recommendations which would still allow hunting with hounds to continue, or they can back Labour and others who want to see a full and proper ban on hunting once and for all. It is make your mind up time for the SNP.

“From lifting the ban on tail docking, dragging their heels on extending maximum sentences for animal cruelty to five years and failing to agree to Labour’s proposals to consult on a ban on snaring, the SNP government has failed on animal welfare. It’s time they listened to the public, starting by delivering a full ban on hunting”

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