Labour Calls For A ‘War Powers Act’ As 54% Oppose Air Strikes

Labour has called for a ‘War Powers Act’ which would enshrine the precedent of consulting parliament on military action into law.

David Cameron had promised to do similarly in 2010, but his plans unsurprisingly fell by the wayside. But a Survation Poll for the Daily Mail has revealed that 54% of the public thought it was wrong of the Prime Minister to order air strikes on Syria without parliamentary approval - bolstering Labour’s case.

Jeremy Corbyn also called for a War Powers Act in his response to the Chillcott Enquiry in 2016, but plans by the government to do so were unceremoniously dropped in 2017 by disgraced former Minister Michael Fallon.

Speaking to Andrew Marr this morning, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“I think parliament should have a say in this and I think the Prime Minister could have quite easily done that.

"She took a decision sometime last week that we were going to work with Macron and Trump in order to have an impact on the chemical weapons establishment in Syria.

"She could have recalled parliament last week - it is only the Prime Minister who can recall parliament - or she could have delayed until tomorrow when parliament returns. There is precedent over previous interventions when parliament has had a vote.

"I think what we need in this country is something more robust like a War Powers Act so governments do get held to account by parliament for what they do in our name.”

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