Labour calls for political solution over Brexit after Supreme Court standoff

The UK government have announced their intention to challenge the Brexit legislation passed by the Scottish and Welsh devolved parliaments, arguing that the bills passed by both parliaments are “unconstitutional”.

Emergency talks were held over the Easter recess, but failed after no agreement was reached between the UK and Welsh and Scottish Governments.

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have said that they will challenge any attempt to argue that the legislation was not within the devolved administrations’ remit.

It comes after the Scottish and Welsh parliaments voted through emergency legislation on Brexit separate from Westminster’s EU withdrawal bill.

The bills were tabled after an argument over the devolution of powers after Brexit between the three governments could not be resolved.

The Scottish and Welsh administrations are concerned at what they consider to be the UK government’s “power grab”, in which powers that were previously dealt with at the EU level would be returned to Westminster, rather than the respective devolved administrations.

The UK Government has denied this, arguing that in order for Britain to have a “consistent” internal market, the powers have to be returned through Westminster first.

In a statement, Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Brexit, Neil Findlay said:

"The Tories' absolutely shambolic handling of the EU Withdrawal Bill is now heading to the courts, and unless the UK Government fixes this mess, the UK is heading towards a constitutional crisis.

"The EU Withdrawal Bill, as currently drafted, is fundamentally flawed and rides roughshod over the devolution settlement delivered by the last Labour government.

“The Tories gave commitments to fix this and have failed to deliver on their commitment. They caused the problem - they have a duty to fix it.

"The people of Scotland deserve better than two governments snarling at each other in the Supreme Court. David Mundell and Ruth Davidson need to stop burying their heads in the sand and urgently fix this mess. A failure to do so would be completely unacceptable."

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