Labour Demands McDonald Dossier Shared As SNP MSPs Accused of ‘Welcoming Back’ Disgraced MSP

Scottish Labour’s business manager Rhoda Grant has written to the SNP to demand that the internal party dossier on Mark McDonald’s behaviour is shared with Scotland’s ethics watchdog the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life.



This comes on the same day SNP MSPs are accused of welcoming back the disgraced MSP by cosigning his motions and amendments.

In her letter, Grant writes:

“Clearly the allegations against Mr McDonald must be very serious and proven, yet staff in parliament, Mr McDonald’s constituents and the wider public remain in the dark about his behaviour."

“Given Mr McDonald is now back as an MSP, I believe it is incumbent on the SNP to share the findings of its investigation, unredacted with the permission of his victims, to aid the probe by the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland.

“A full and comprehensive investigation is necessary to reassure people working at Holyrood and any constituents he may meet with, that he poses no danger to women.

“Indeed, given the gravity of this situation, I believe there is a compelling case for this information to be shared with the Commissioner and for the SNP to explain how it has conducted the internal investigation into the behaviour of Mr McDonald.”

According to the Herald, the SNP have agreed to ‘full cooperation’ with the Commissioner, but have fallen short of explicitly agreeing to share the report. If the MSP is found to have broken ethical standards, it will result in a fine, not an election as many have called for.

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