Labour MPs reject May's Brexit appeal

Number 10's bid to attract Labour MPs to prop up the Chequers proposal has collapsed after Labour MPs labeled the PM's plan a "dogs-dinner".


Senior Conservatives are worried that around ten of the European Research Group, a hardline Brexiteer group within the Tory party, are planning to vote against May's plans in parliament, meaning the PM would have to rely on opposition MPs to have any chance of success.

After briefing to The Guardian that senior Tories were in talks with Labour politicians to attract enough support in parliament for Theresa May's Brexit plans, a series of Labour MPs have hit back at the offer.

Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, said: "Something very Baldrick about May's cunning plan. It's so secret not a single Labour MP knows about it."

MP for Hove, Peter Kyle also tweeted: "Right from the start Theresa May had the chance to win support from many Labour MPs for a soft Brexit. But her addiction to appearing tough scuppered it."

"Now she’s grovelling for help to get her dogs-dinner of a plan through. She won’t get it and doesn’t deserve it"

A Labour source also told The Guardian: “Labour has been clear from the outset that if Theresa May’s Brexit deal does not meet our six tests then we will vote against it in parliament.” He added: “The Tories are wrong to say it’s a choice between Theresa May’s deal or no deal. No deal is simply not a viable option. There is no majority in parliament to take the UK off a cliff in March 2019.”

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