Labour NEC ditch move to abolish deputy leader post

A motion intended to abolish the post of Labour deputy leader has been abandoned.

Jon Lansman, a left winger who founded Momentum, had proposed a motion to Labour's ruling NEC which sought to abolish the post currently held by Tom Watson.

Critics suggested the move waw fuelled by dislike of Watson and his recent interventions calling on Labour to unequivocally back a remain vote in a future referendum.

One Labour source described Lansman's plan as a "kamikaze move" which could leave a cloud over the conference.

"Instead of using conference to rally the party to kick Boris Johnson out of Downing Street, this will only cause us to spend time attacking each other," they said.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that the party should instead review the position and how it could be diversified to better reflect society.

Image: Rwendland

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