Labour present alternative economic plan ahead of SNP conference

The party seeks to draw comparisons between what they say is the SNP's "austerity" economics or Labour's investment plan.

Writing the introduction to the briefing, Richard Leonard said: “As delegates gather for SNP conference in Glasgow this weekend, the big choice in Scottish politics could not be clearer – the austerity economics of nationalism with the SNP and the Tories, or investment with Labour."

“The conference begins just days after official statistics revealed the brutal impact of austerity in Scotland where life expectancy has fallen for the first time since Thatcher was in power a generation ago."

The Labour leader also drew attention to the lack of debate at SNP conference over the Scottish government's 'Growth Commission' report.

“Earlier this year, the SNP’s attempt to reboot the failed economic case for independence that the people of Scotland voted against in 2014. Scotland was promised a Growth Commission – instead it got a Cuts Commission."

“The paper promotes a fiscal agenda in thrall to big business and slavishly following the mantra of deficit reduction. It puts trade with our nearest neighbours at risk with a sense of political isolationism and has no space for trade unions or workers’ rights as part of a strategy to promote economic growth."

“That’s not a policy manifesto from the European Research Group wing of the Tory party – it’s the vision of independence the SNP now hope will persuade the people of Scotland."

“Only Labour has a vision of hope and transformation to rebuild Scotland. We’ll make the richest to pay their fair share, develop a strategy for our economy, rather than leave it to the whims of the free market, and ensure our public services have the resources they need. Rather than continue to be failed by the SNP, Scotland can work for the many with Labour.”

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