Labour ready to 'no confidence' May if she loses Brexit vote

Keir Starmer said it was "inevitable" that Labour would seek to remove Theresa May if she loses the initial vote on the transition agreement with the EU.

Speaking Sky News Starmer also said it would be 'nigh impossible' for May to secure enough votes after the defection of the DUP and up to 100 of her own backbench MPs.

“I think the prime minister, as we all know, is going to struggle between now and that vote,” Starmer said, adding that May would need to set out her next steps immediately if it fails.

“We need to see what that is. But it seems to me that if the prime minister has lost a vote of that sort of significance, then there has to be a question of confidence in her government,” he said. “I think it’s inevitable that we will seek to move that."

“Obviously, it’ll depend on what actually happens in nine days, it depends on what the response is. But if she’s lost a vote of this significance after two years of negotiation, then it is right that there should be a general election because, but for the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, the convention was always, if a government loses what’s called a confidence vote, something of such significance, then that government has to go.”

Starmer also confirmed that Labour would begin seeking a second referendum in the event that there aren't the votes in parliament to call another General Election, joining John McDonnell who agreed on the BBC on Wednsday that it seemed “inevitable”.

The Shadow Brexit Secretary also warned the government Labour would begin contempt proceedings if they fail to disclose the legal advice the government had been given on the backstop.

“If they don’t produce it tomorrow then we will start contempt proceedings, and this will be a collision course between the government and parliament,” he added.

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