Labour to abolish Universal Credit in government

In an interview with Sky News, Labour's Shadow Chancellor said the "shambles" that was Universal Credit should be brought to an end.

The remarks come on the back of reports that DWP minister, Esther McVey, had told the cabinet that working families could lose up to £200 a month under the government's plans.

John McDonnell said: “We’ve looked and looked, we can’t see that either government’s or other proposals could reform it. It’s in shambles, and it’s actually iniquitous as well. To have government ministers being privately briefed that families are going to lose £200 a month, it’s just not acceptable.”

“I think we are at that stage where it’s not sustainable any more. It’s not a system that can work, it’s not a system that is providing that safety net,” he said.

Universal Credit has also been blamed by the foodbank charity, The Trussell Trust for increasing referrals to food banks by a drastic 52 per cent.

In the interview McDonnell also hit out at Sir Richard Dearlove, the former MI6 chief. who had said that he was "concerned" by the idea of Jeremy Corbyn in Number 10.

“Can I just say to him directly, I think he should spend his retirement in quiet contemplation of the role that he played with regard to the Iraq war where over half a million people at least were killed,” commented McDonnell.

“He was strongly criticised as the head of an organisation whose intelligence took us into that war, so I think he should have a bit of humility about the judgements he makes about individuals and others in the future.”

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