Labour will campaign for Federalised UK - Richard Leonard

The Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard, will use his conference address to call for a federalised Britain, with power devolved to the local level, including local councils and English regions. 

The Scottish Labour leader will also say that Labour will guarantee that powers returning from the European Union will be transferred to the devolved governments.
“The redistribution of power means something else. Constitutional reform.” said Leonard.
"Of course, this is not a demand limited to Scotland there is a restlessness in England for more powers at a local and regional level.”
“So let me make it clear from this conference today that a federal Britain, with greater powers for the Scottish Parliament, is the radical solution that I want to see.”
“We need new powers to reflect the new realities of Brexit, which is why there is a Labour guarantee that devolved powers returning from the European Union will be transferred to the devolved governments and that we will enter a new era of co-determination in a new era of democratic politics.”
“Our task is to reinvigorate politics. It is to build up our movement for democracy and socialism.”
Federalism has been a key demand from sections of the labour movement for several years, and gained prominence under former leader, Kezia Dugdale, and has gained the backing of former First Minister, Henry McLeish.
“Federalism is the only sustainable alternative to independence and offers a positive choice in a second referendum.” wrote McLeish earlier this year.

“Finally, a long-term solution to the Scotland question is not peripheral to the future of Britain. It is linked inextricably to the politics of this new age.”

“A progressive agenda will only bear fruit if we change the dynamic and direction of Scottish politics.”

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