Spokesperson for Labour Womens' group back Rowley's inclusion in Shadow Cabinet

A spokesperson for the Scottish Labour Women's Movement (SLWM) said the group had "no reason why" Alex Rowley shouldn't be included in Richard Leonard's reshuffled Shadow Cabinet.

In comments to the website, CommonSpace, they said that “We are aware that in 2017 there was a complaint made against Alex Rowley by a former partner which was investigated by the Police. Mr Rowley referred himself to the Scottish Labour Party for investigation. The Police found no evidence of wrongdoing and the complainant did not engage with the Scottish Labour Party investigation."

“In these circumstances, we are satisfied that Scottish Labour made all reasonable endeavours to determine the facts and no further action was required. On this basis, we see no reason why Alex Rowley should be precluded from inclusion in the Shadow Cabinet.” they continued.

The spokesperson also added that they were “committed to making the Scottish Labour Party the best place for women” and that “there is no place for harassment and we expect that any allegations of misconduct be investigated timeously, fairly and without prejudice.”

Alex Rowley was subject to an investigation by the Labour party after allegations of harassment by a former partner. The case later fell apart after the accuser withdrew from the process. A probe by Police Scotland was also later dropped.

After the investigation was halted Rowley told reporters: "I am pleased the panel has discharged the case which I referred to them,
but I am disappointed that they were unable fully to investigate - and I to have the opportunity to answer - the allegations, which relate to the acrimonious end to a relationship nearly five years ago."

"This means the only opportunity to do so would have been through the media and I am not prepared to cause that distress to my family."

"I am in politics to fight for social, political and economic change to improve the lives of working people. I will continue that work as a Labour MSP for the region of Mid Scotland and Fife."

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