Left slate sweep Scottish executive election

Left-wingers Michael Muir and Enas Magzoub have won election to Scottish Labour's ruling executive committee.

The campaign for socialism backed candidates will take up seats on the influential committee which now has a left majority. 

The election is the first time since devolution that both left-backed candidates have been elected to represent young Scottish members, according to the group. 

Speaking after the election, Muir told the Red Robin: "That we were elected over the Labour right’s candidates by a margin of two to one shows, I think, that young members remain solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard.

"We ran this campaign on a principled basis of opposition to the failed New Labour policies of support for austerity at home and war abroad, policies that led us to the unparalleled defeat of 2015.

"Under Richard and Jeremy’s leadership, we can unite Yes and No voters around a socialist agenda, and that is the spirit with which we’re going to represent young members on SEC."

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