Leonard: Ruth Davidson must break silence on Serco evictions

Scottish Labour leader, Richard Leonard, has written to his Tory counterpart Ruth Davidson urging her to break her silence on Serco’s evictions of asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Serco has temporarily suspended evictions, after housing charity Shelter brought legal action against the company on Monday.

But Mr Leonard is now urging the Scottish Conservative leader to use her influence in the UK government to get the evictions stopped permanently.

So far Davidson has remained silent over the treatment of asylum seekers, who were threatened with eviction after the Home Office rejected their claims for asylum, despite many coming from current war zones, including Afghanistan and Iraq.

In his letter, Mr Leonard told Davidson " I am writing to you in relation to Serco’s plan to change the locks on the homes of over 230 refused asylum seekers who live in Glasgow.

These people have fled horrific conflict and violence, and have since made Scotland their home. They deserve our help and support, not persecution.

Serco’s plan to change the locks demonstrates that it is “not working within the spirit of the law” as stated by the Scottish Federation of Housing Association.

The Glasgow community, trade unions and housing associations have led protests against these planned evictions, alongside Scottish Labour representatives and local MPs. Together, enough pressure has been brought to bear to force Serco to pause this morally unjustifiable action. But that alone is not enough.

These vulnerable people need protection and safety, not eviction. Therefore, I am urging you to break your silence on this issue and use your influence with the Conservative Government to halt these evictions."

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