Macron critic's home and party offices raided

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the left-wing opposition group La France Insoumise (FI), angrily condemned the French minister for justice, after police raided FI's party offices and Melenchon's home after allegations of misuse of EU funds.


The investigations relate to the use of European Union funding for staff, which the French government allege were used to pay for France Insoumise's party officers in the French Parliament.

Mélenchon has denied all wrongdoing, and claimed the investigations were politically motivated.

It is understood that the allegations were raised by Sophie Montel, an MEP and former member of the Far-Right French National Front.

In a livestream to supporters, Mélenchon said "Nicole Belloubet [the French Minister of Justice], are you proud of what you are doing? Have you forgotten everything: who are you, who I am? So you have no dignity? All shots are allowed?”

"You do not know what you're up against – a political force, not an isolated person. We will make you pay politically.”

Addressing the French President, Emmanuel Macron directly he added: “When you search through my computer, you know very well that you are doing something dishonest, rotten and twisted.”

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