Mark Drakeford elected as Welsh Labour leader

The Momentum backed candidate won 53.9% of the vote, and has pledged to make Wales "a beacon of hope in a darkening world".


The veteran left-wing AM is expected to replace Carwyn Jones as the Welsh First Minister next week, and ran his campaign on the basis of restoring Welsh Labour to it's ‘radical socialist traditions'.

The current Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Drakeford served as Rhodri Morgan's adviser on health, and helped conceptualise the idea of 'clear red water'' between the Labour administration in Wales and Tony Blair's government in Westminster during the early 2000s.

His candidacy was backed by most of the major Trade Unions, with Unite, the CWU, Unison and the TSSA endorsing his campaign.

Drakeford's victory will also further tilt Labour's National Executive Committee to the left, with Drakeford being the only sitting cabinet member in the UK to back Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership in 2015 and 2016.

In his acceptance speech Drakeford said he sought to have "a Labour government in Westminster working with a Labour government in Wales", and added: "Our most radical and successful days lie ahead of us".

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