Martin McCluskey reselected in Inverclyde

Martin McCluskey was reselected last night as the Labour candidate in the Westminster constituency of Inveryclyde.

McCluskey, who was the candidate in 2017, saw the SNP’s majority fall by almost 11,000 votes on an 11% swing to Labour. There are now only 384 votes between Labour and the SNP MP Ronnie Cowan.

Speaking to the Robin, McCluskey said:

“I’m absolutely honoured and privileged to have been selected as Labour’s candidate for Inverclyde. Last year we cut the SNP majority from over 11,000 to just 384. Next time we need to work just as hard to win. Whether the election is just months or years from now, I’ll be working every day to deliver a Labour Government at the next election and a Labour MP for Inverclyde.

“At the next election, the road to Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in power runs through Inverclyde. Now that the selection is over I’m looking forward to working with Labour and trade union activists to finish the job we started last year and deliver the real change our country needs.”

Incumbency has proved to be the strongest determinant of selection winners once again, curiously this is far more true in Scotland than down south.

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