Matt Kerr pledges open selections and vote on MSP term limits

Scottish Labour deputy leader contender Matt Kerr has set out a series of proposals to “transform” the party, including a vote on term limits for list MSPs. 

Included are plans to “democratise” the party through open selections for all party candidates.

His plans would include a place in the top three places on the Scottish Parliament regional list for someone who has never been a parliamentarian.

Kerr would also oversee an e-ballot of all members to introduce terms limits for list MSPs.

Matt Kerr said: “The Scottish Labour Party can’t keep making the same failed analysis after every electoral defeat which leads consequently to the same failing response.

“We can’t keep making the same decisions and expecting a different result. We need a Party that challenges the establishment, not one that sees itself as part of it.

“We need to take a different turn with new answers to new pressing questions. We need new approaches, new policies and a new culture that rids ourselves of harmful attacks on each other via briefing or online.

“We need a new campaigning focus, a new way of tapping into the skills and talents of our membership and we need new faces, including a fresh new Deputy Leader, as part of a new generation that is ready to take on our opponents and support, not challenge, our leader Richard Leonard and ensure we are ready for the 2021 election. If elected as Deputy Leader I can assure Scottish Labour members and the wider Scottish public that I will make all of these my priorities”.


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