May attempts to bring forward recess to avoid defeat

The government has tabled a motion to bring parliamentary recess forward by one week, in order to avoid further defeats by the rebels on both sides of her party.

The prospect of MPs getting five extra days of holiday is unlikely to go down well, even outside of the government’s political motivations. But sources in the Tory Party indicate that the PM is hoping to avoid a possible motion of no confidence that only grows more likely the longer parliament is in session.

Tory bigwigs Nicholas Soames and Nick Boles both confirmed they would vote against the move, along with the Chair of the Health Select Committee Sarah Wollaston. Politics Home is muting the possibility of a further government defeat on the issue - not what May had intended.

Shadow Chancellor slammed the Government over the ‘cowardly’ move, stating:

‘[The] Government’s plan to close Parliament on Thursday and send MPs home early for summer is because Theresa May is fearful of Tory MPs hanging around plotting against her. It shows what chaos this government is in. Let me make it clear that I will be voting against breaking up early.’

Other Labour MPs from across the party backed the call - Angela Rayner called the move ‘pathetic’, while Peter Kyle said that ‘this cowardly little government will stop at nothing to avoid scrutiny.’

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