May does a Maggie: Another cabinet secretary quits as Tories face wipeout at EU poll

Theresa May has lost another cabinet secretary, and may be out of Number 10 by Friday after predicted wipeout at Euro elections

Andrea Leadsom, who served in Theresa May's government as leader of the House of Commons, resigned on Thursday evening, citing Brexit.

Despite originally challenging May for the Tory leadership, Leadsom was seen as a key ally, regularly facing down unprecendented rebellion in the Commons against government business.

In a letter to the PM on Wednesday evening, Leadsom said she did not think "the UK would be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now proposed".

Leadsom's resignation was reportedly unexpected in Downing Street, with the MP only giving the Prime Minister 30 minutes notice before going public.

The MP also said another referendum would be "dangerously divisive", and said she could not front May's new Brexit proposals in the Commons today as she was scheduled to.

Commenting on Leadsom's resignation, Ian Lavery MP, Labour party chair, said the PM's authority was 'shot and her time is up'. 

“While the Tories are ripping themselves apart, our country is in crisis. The government has made a catastrophic mess of the Brexit negotiations, our steel industry is under threat and universal credit is pushing people into poverty.

“For the sake of the country, Theresa May needs to go, and we need an immediate general election," Lavery said.

Familiarities were quickly drawn between May's current situation and the dying days of Margaret Thatcher's government.

Her final days in Number 10 were marked by an endless string of resignations from cabinet ministers and former allies, and those who weren't resigning themselves were visiting the then Prime Minister to inform her that she should be the one to go.

However, Theresa May had the sofa pushed against her famous front door, according to former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, as she flat out refused to see senior members of her own government.

Every political watcher in Westminster and beyond has one question - how long can Theresa May hold off the inevitable?

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