May sending UK towards "constitutional crisis"

Theresa May has been accused by Richard Leonard of sending the country hurtling towards a constitutional crisis as she delivered her key Brexit speech.

Her speech, the final in a series of cabinet speeches outlining the ‘Road to Brexit’, set out ‘five tests’ for any future deal with the EU. In brief, May assured the EU that we want the right to regulatory divergence, but we never want to use it.

Critically however, she mentions Scotland and Wales only once, and fails to mention the devolved governments at all. Given the numerous powers that are supposedly returning to devolved administrations, and the legislative opposition in both Cardiff and Edinburgh, the absence is stark.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Lesley Laird said that "the actions of the UK Government have done nothing but place the Scottish devolution settlement at risk and she is now facing an open revolt in the Scottish Parliament."

"It is time for the Tories to admit their failure to include the devolved administrations in the process and its well overdue for Ruth Davidson and David Mundell to rectify the mess they are causing."

The First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones called the speech "scant on detail", and asked how frictionless trade could ever be achieved outside of the customs union.

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