Minister-to-be Gillian Martin sacked before she starts the job

Gillian Martin, the woman who was to be Colleges and Universities minister, has been sacked over a series of UKIPesque right wing outbursts in 2007 on her old blog.

Martin, the MSP for Aberdeenshire East, said that PR staff "froth at the mouth with excitement if anyone in a wheelchair does anything that can be remotely described as an achievement", a sentiment that would not have been out of place in a copy of the Sun from the 1980s.

Apparently on the basis that attacking people in wheelchairs didn’t go far enough, she added that "an orphaned, single-parent, gender-confused, blind, Aboriginal, one-legged, cross-dressing, lesbian, dyslexic, ex-con, Muslim" would be the ideal student, and wondered if  “[We are] going to see lovely photos in the foyer of hairy knuckled lipstick-wearing transitional transgender laydees being embraced by the principle of undisclosed college or visiting politicians for the press?"

Scottish Labour suggested that Nicola Sturgeon had "introduced a cybernat loose cannon into her education team", adding that the remarks "raise serious questions about Gillian Martin's fitness for office".

The party then put forward an amendment to block her nomination, but the Scottish Government has now rescinded their appointment.

In a statement, Ms Martin said: “In 2007 I wrote a blog that I deeply regret. It used language that was inappropriate and offensive.

"I expressed myself in a way that did not reflect my view then and certainly does not reflect my view now.

"That is entirely my fault and I am sorry for it. That's why, when this blog was first raised publicly two years ago, I apologised and I am more than happy to unreservedly apologise again today."

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