Exclusive: Rumoured move against Leonard fails as Jim Murphy attends first CLP in over a year

Former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy attended his first CLP meeting in over a year on Tuesday as Eastwood CLP members were set to vote on a motion of no confidence in Richard Leonard organised by right wing figures.

Despite the right of the party appearing to organise for the meeting, no one took ownership of the motion of no confidence in the Scottish Labour leader and members ultimately voted not to hear it.

Blair McDougall also attended the meeting alongside 10 or so other Murphy allies, however the group ultimately let the motion fall.

A member of Eastwood CLP told The Red Robin that Murphy had not attended a CLP meeting in roughly 14 months, and said that McDougall had missed several meetings since the last AGM where he was elected vice-chair of the CLP.

The local member, speaking to The Red Robin, said the right had "obviously" attempted to coordinate an intervention against Leonard at the CLP, and sources further suggested that the right of the party were hoping to undermine the Scottish Labour leader with a no confidence motion at Eastwood CLP on the same evening as a rumoured move against Leonard at Holyrood by MSPs opposed to his leadership.

Daniel Johnson MSP resigned as justice spokesperson on Tuesday, citing concerns over Labour's Brexit policy, and an emergency meeting of Labour MSPs at Holyrood was called where a move against Leonard's leadership was rumoured alongside further frontbench resignations.

However, no such action materialised, and one source amongst the so-called "moderates" reportedly called a frontbencher who refused to join Johnson a "shitebag", according to the Times Scottish political editor Kieran Andrews.

Instead, a source said the meeting was constructive and pragmatic, adding that there was no challenge to Leonard's leadership.

It is unclear whether the right may try to reorganise another move against Richard Leonard in Scotland.

Image: Scottish Labour


Edit: Editted to make clear that Blair McDougall had attended some meetings since the CLP's AGM. 

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