Murdoch attempts to smear Leonard fall flat

An article in the Times attempted pin the blame  on the Labour Leader and Scottish General Secretary for not allowing a debate on anti-semitism training for candidates, however in truth both attempted to ensure it went through the proper channels. 

The piece relates to a motion passed by the Labour Party branch in Eastwood, East Renfrewshire, which would seek to mandate diversity training for Labour Party officials and candidates in Scotland, and "robust" disciplinary procedures to be implemented. 

However, under the Scottish Labour Party's current procedures, all training for staff and PPCs takes place at the national level, meaning the motion would instead have to be debated at national conference, as was explained by the Scottish General Secretary, Brian Roy. 

In his response to the letter, Mr. Roy told the CLP that there was 'no disagreement' with the content of the motion, adding: "“The CAC fully agree, as has been stated by Richard Leonard publicly, that there is no place for antisemitism, nor any other forms of racism in the UK or Scottish Labour Party.”

A senior Labour source also added that the party is also in the process of overhauling it's rules on equality and diversity, meaning the motion would likely have been outdated had it been debated over the weekend at the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee. 

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