Nationalist blog condemned for outrageous Hitler comparison

In a bizarre article attempting to attack the GMB trade union over the equal pay strike in Glasgow, a prominent 'cybernat' blog quoted Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in an attempt to disparage a leading Jewish trade unionist. 

A pro-independence commentator, who writes for the "Grouse Beater" has faced criticism from across the political spectrum for a reprehensible attempt to link the views of GMB trade union official, Rhea Wolfson, with that of Adolf Hitler on trade unions.

In a rambling and inaccurate post, which falsely claimed that a "large number" of striking workers who rallied in Glasgow were in fact "sent from England", the author inexplicably quotes Adolf Hitler's autobiography to attack Wolfson.

"In Part 1 of Mein Kampf Hitler attacks unions over an over again. Unions are fascism’s Public Enemy Number 1. He went further. He accused ‘The Jew’ of gradually assuming leadership of the trade union movement. Hitler wanted a blindly obedient fighting force loyal only to the national leader of government." he wrote, adding: "Whether or not Wolfson is intellectually aware of Hitler’s outlook is unknown but she certainly knows how to make the most of it,".

The comments were immediately condemned by politicians from both Labour and the SNP, but were shared by the twitter and facebook pages of the Livingstone East SNP branch.

"A local SNP account is sharing an article about me that quotes Hitler and supports his views of Jews ‘running trade unions’ I don’t know who runs this account but I think you’re disgusting and I know that @HannahB4LiviMP would never ever support this." said Wolfson in response. 

Glasgow SNP Councillor, Mhairi Hunter also called upon other pro-independence supporters to avoid sharing the article, tweeting: "This is actively offensive, the comparison with Hitler  particularly so. Please stop sharing it. It will not help a resolution of the equal pay dispute, which is what we all want."

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