NEC Candidate Brands Condemnation of Israel Massacre as “Farcical”

Jasmin Beckett, who is running on the Labour First and Progress slate for Labour’s National Executive Committee, has accused the Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, of playing “into the hands of Hamas”.

Ms Beckett, who has formerly sat on the party’s ruling body as the elected youth member, was responding to a statement made by Mrs. Thornberry that condemned the Israeli government for “their brutal, lethal and utterly unjustified actions on the Gaza border”.

In a tweet, Jasmin complained that the statement was a “Farcical and uninformed response to the deaths at the border.

Such a statement plays into the hands of Hamas leaders and only worsens confusion on the conflict.It’s a shame that similarly unambiguous statements can’t be released condemning Russia or Iran.”

The comments were met with outrage on the social media platform.

The Labour affiliate, ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ made, then quickly deleted, a statement in which they accused Hamas of hijacking “peaceful protest as cover to attack Israeli border communities”.

On Monday Israeli forces shot and killed 58 Palestinians, and wounded at least 1,200 during protests against Donald Trump’s decision to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem, in contravention of long-standing US policy.

The far-right Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas for the protests, and defended the use of live ammunition by Israeli troops against protesters as proportionate, and that they were acting in ‘self-defense’.

Jasmin Beckett did not respond to a request for comment.

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