NEC to rule on Aberdeen councillors today

Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will today decide whether to refer the Aberdeen Councillors’ membership status to the party’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), after they formed a coalition with the Tories against party rules. The NCC is the supreme body which deals with questions of membership.

The nine Aberdeen councillors were originally suspended after entering a coalition agreement with the Conservatives after last year’s local elections without first seeking party approval. Subsequent attempts to get the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) to approve that deal have gone nowhere. The SEC recently voted to uphold their suspension and refer the councillor’s membership, with a recommendation of expulsion.

The Red Robin hears that it is very likely that the NEC disputes panel will refer the case to the NCC, which would make expulsion from the party extremely likely. The Aberdeen councillors can prevent this by leaving the coalition at any time, but have shown little inclination to do so.

The battle over this is being waged not just in the official structures but among the wider membership too. Two petitions set up by local Aberdeen members last week have pitted the SEC position against the ‘Aberdeen Nine’ - but the petition backing their expulsion is currently way out in front, which indicates where the Labour membership is on the issue.

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